Monday, March 17, 2008

Un-tolled Delights

Tay Road Bridge
Originally uploaded by Gary McMurray.

Do you like the pun? As you probably know, I was over in Scotland last week, visiting Lynsey in Dundee. It was during my trip that I discovered that the tolls on the Tay and Forth road bridges have been removed, allowing free passage both ways! Up to recently, there was a cost of about £1 when leaving both Dundee and Edinburgh (but travelling the other direction was free).

The bridges are now free and easy in both directions, which was a big bonus, as Lynsey is currently working in Newport and Tayport, two small villages across the river from Dundee. I had the car over with me, and was able to drop her off to work and then go exploring and photographing!

There was one downside though. On Wednesday I set off for Edinburgh and got across the Forth Bridge without any hassle. When I was coming back, though, the Forth Bridge was closed, so I had to follow a huge diversion towards Kincardine Bridge. Eventually though, the queues were so massive and so long that I set off for Stirling, Perth and Dundee in a long circuitous route... Added about 60 or more miles to my return journey but it was still probably quicker than sitting on that motorway!

So there we are with my untold delights!

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