Friday, February 25, 2005

Weekend plans...

Well, here goes for another post. Work this week has been busy again, with lots happening. I work for a victims' support group, called West Tyrone Voice (see link on the right to our new website), based in, yes, you've guessed it! West Tyrone!

I've been here for just over two years now, and I organise a variety of training courses and programmes, and other stuff as well. But my work here will finish in June, when I prepare to move to Dublin for theological training. Even though I will finish, the work here will not be done for a long time, because there are so many people who have been affected by terrorism in this area, that the scars of the Troubles (both physical, mental and psychological) will be still with these people.

This weekend, I'm helping at a youth weekend in Fermanagh, with our Diocese (see 'Reflect Youth' link), so I'll probably get very little sleep, and will be on the go a lot. Ah well, it's all worth it, and it should be great craic.

Monday, February 21, 2005

The weekend

Well, what a weekend... Friday night we had a concert in the cathedral for Concern, supporting their work in both the Darfur region in Sudan, and the Tsunami-hit area in Asia. Among the performers were an Irish traditional folk group called Comhaltas, who were very good, and a girl called Laura Sands, who did a couple of Irish dances. We also had Maeve Morris, who is an excellent opera singer (and just happens to be the wife of our organist), and a fella called Simon who also sang opera stuff. We then had our organist delighting us with Suite Gothike, on our newly refurbished organ, and then Cantabile, a choir from Warrenpoint/Rostrevor sang several anthems, and were joined by the Cathedral choir (which I'm in). All in all a good evening.

Then Saturday night I was speaking at a youth event in Lurgan, called Lifespring. It seemed to go ok.

Then yesterday morning, we had a testimony in church from an older member, who got saved in September! We burst into spontaneous applause- what a joyful and exciting time! I sat with a grin on my face the rest of the service. Oh Lord, won't you continue to extend your kingdom in Dromore?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Well, here goes... After registering for the blog over a month ago, I finally get a bit of time to actually put something on to it!

So yes... the title... Maybe the 'random thoughts of an ordinand' would have been better, but it's there now, and I am quite random, as you'll probably notice, when I post stuff and you read it... (whoever 'you' are).

Hm... maybe I should start... but what to say...

So yes- the ordinand... In September, I will be starting to study at the Church of Ireland Theological College, in Dublin, to be a minister in the C of I. I actually went through Selection last year, but due to circumstances, I decided to have another year out working before I move down south and become a student for the second time!

Thanks to Laura and Peter for their comments- I think I remember seeing you about, Laura, but I may not be who you're thinking of?

Ok, so that's all for now, but I will be back soon to do some more, I'm sure...