Monday, February 21, 2005

The weekend

Well, what a weekend... Friday night we had a concert in the cathedral for Concern, supporting their work in both the Darfur region in Sudan, and the Tsunami-hit area in Asia. Among the performers were an Irish traditional folk group called Comhaltas, who were very good, and a girl called Laura Sands, who did a couple of Irish dances. We also had Maeve Morris, who is an excellent opera singer (and just happens to be the wife of our organist), and a fella called Simon who also sang opera stuff. We then had our organist delighting us with Suite Gothike, on our newly refurbished organ, and then Cantabile, a choir from Warrenpoint/Rostrevor sang several anthems, and were joined by the Cathedral choir (which I'm in). All in all a good evening.

Then Saturday night I was speaking at a youth event in Lurgan, called Lifespring. It seemed to go ok.

Then yesterday morning, we had a testimony in church from an older member, who got saved in September! We burst into spontaneous applause- what a joyful and exciting time! I sat with a grin on my face the rest of the service. Oh Lord, won't you continue to extend your kingdom in Dromore?

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  1. I pray that he does extend his Kingdome and that the Prayer of Jabez would be real in ur life!