Saturday, May 17, 2008

Visually Stunning

They wish!
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Or so the propaganda goes...

Last Saturday I went on one of the Flickr Meet-ups in Belfast. Take four photographers, release them onto the streets of Belfast (BT1 to be precise), and you get an afternoon of great craic and hopefully some good photos as well.

We had a wander from City Hall down Donegall Place, and along High Street to the alleyways into Ann Street. There, we encountered a Magical Mystery Tour on bicycles (part of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival), which was prevented from passing through Victoria Square by security guards, and then one solitary policeman.

We then moved on to check out the remains of St George's Market as most of the stall holders were packing up for the afternoon. As we came back through Victoria Square, we noticed this on the wall and thought it an apt assessment of the gathered photographers!

Even more hilarious, though, was the moment when Davy (on the right) asked a lady passerby would she take a photo... only for her to start posing - thinking she was going to be the subject! Eventually he persuaded her to be behind the camera, and this was the result! A big thanks to Phil, Andy and Davy.

Andy is organising another Flickr Meet-up in Belfast on Saturday 24th May - meet at the statue of Queen Victoria outside City Hall at 12 noon with some money for lunch and/or drinks. Oh, and bring a camera!

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