Monday, August 23, 2010


Θχigeη is back again, the youth event in Dundonald for 1st form to 6th formers, organised by the partnership between Dundonald Baptist, Dundonald Presbyterian and St Elizabeth's. This year we're having a training event for leaders and Christian young people tonight, as well as some street work to invite people along (let's hope it's a dry night despite the heavy rain this morning!), and the main event kicks off on Wednesday 25th for three nights.

Trevor Johnston (Crosslinks Ireland Team Leader) is speaking on Why Bovver? and there are some great activities lined up as well as some chill out time. Each evening begins at 7.30pm in St Elizabeth's Halls, and you can get some more information over at the Oxigen website.


  1. I originally read the title of Trevor's talks as "Why Bower?" rather than "Why Bov-ver?" leading me to wonder whether I was so out of touch with youth culture that I didn't know who "Bower" was!?

  2. You're not that out of touch David! It's a strange word/phrase, but hopefully it'll mean something to the young people!