Monday, January 10, 2011

McFlurry's McLinks (20)

I'm hoping that my links to other blogs and websites will be slightly more frequent this year, and therefore more up to date rather than links to blogs written more than a month ago! So here we go with the first of the new year:

Electric Telegraph wonders if we're amusing ourselves to death, as well as thinking about words and pictures.

The Simple Pastor considers the most repugnant idea ever, according to Dawkins, as well as seeking to simplify his digital life.

Cranmer shares worrying news of Coptic Christians under attack in Europe, a theme which Church Mouse looks at too. Cranmer also discusses the marriage of two ordained lesbians in Massachusetts.

Met Eireann had a stunning satellite image of the frozen British Isles. Meanwhile Daily Dose of Imagery had a stunning series of pictures of the total eclipse (those words just remind me of the Jaffa Cakes ad!)

Confessions of a Student Worker pours out his heart over the water crisis in Northern Ireland.

Looking at new year goals, Trevin Wax asks should you read 100 books this year,

The Proclaimer had news of Liam Goligher moving to Tenth Presbyterian in Philadelphia, but the most interesting bit was the pastoral search report. I wonder if the Boards of Nomination in the Church of Ireland are as thorough (or open)?

The Ugley Vicar reviews The Archer and The Arrow.

The video is of the recent extreme weather in Northern Ireland:

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