Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Guess Who's Back?

And we're not talking about Eminem, who's appearing at Tennent's Vital in Ward Park, Bangor tomorrow. We're now hopefully back on course with the blog, after another brief hiatus.

A fortnight ago, having packed up all our possessions into a big trailer the day before, the removals lorry arrived at our new house. Cue a couple of days of boxes sitting everywhere, as we tried to remember where some of the essentials had been carefully packed, and the gradual process of unpacking everything and finding a place for it.
The biggest job was to get my study into shape, a task which has finally come to an end. It's tidier now than it ever was in Dundonald, with a bit more space to move around it!

We've been adapting to life in Fermanagh, getting used to new surroundings and discovering new places (more of which to come), as well as meeting our new neighbours:
The New Neighbours!
I think I've adapted fairly well, to the extent that when I was up in Belfast for the afternoon and evening yesterday, I found it strange to be sitting in traffic, having so many cars all around!

At present I'm on holiday as I don't actually start in the new parish until the Institution service, so it's an extended staycation, sampling the delights of Fermanagh and meeting up with friends and family. Not long now and I'll be preaching my first sermons and getting stuck into parish life. Watch this space!

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  1. Welcome back. We missed you! Make sure you put butter on Pippa's paws. Or is that just for cats? MrsMcF