Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sermon: Psalm 34:8 Taste and See

Today is harvest, and as you came into church this morning you might have noticed all the sights and smells of the flowers and fruit and vegetables. The church is really well decorated. We can see all the good things God has given to us. But as well as the sights and smells there are also the tastes!

In my home church, we had the harvest weekend services, and on the Monday afternoon we hosted the High School harvest. Some times, some of the boys would take an apple from the window, take a bite of it, then put it back - with the teeth marks hidden at the back! They were enjoying the tastes of harvest!

We're going to think about tastes for a moment or two. What are you favourite foods? [Kids answer with chicken, chocolate etc] What about your least favourite foods? [Brussels Sprouts, cabbage etc...]

This morning I've brought some foods along with me to taste, and I need a volunteer. Just in case there are any allergies, I'm going to ask Alan, the churchwarden to come up and help me. And don't worry, Alan, we've got a doctor and several nurses in the congregation in case you collapse!

So we'll put the blindfold on, and give you the samples of food. What are they? [Four samples of foods in little tupperware boxes, with spoons to give samples: 1. tomato ketchup; 2. honey; 3. lemon juice; 4. chocolate]

There were some horrible things and some nice things - which would you like the most? [Kids all chose the chocolate] But what happens when you're given something new? Will you try it or leave it? You never know if you like something until you try it. It might be brussels sprouts, or cabbage, or even snails! Lynsey and me were on holiday in France a few years back and a plate of snails came out - we had to try them to see if we liked them, and they were ok! [Disclaimer - don't try eating the snails in the garden at home...]
Snails. Yum Yum
Psalm 34:8 says this: 'Taste and see that the LORD is good.' What that means is that you have to get to know God, see what God is really like. Just think of all that he has done, giving us life, this earth, weather, food, families, everything we need. God is good.

But more than that, the Lord is good because he sent Jesus to die on the cross to bring us back to God so that we can enjoy God's good things not just now, but for ever. Jesus 'suffered death, so that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone.' (Heb 2:9). Jesus has tasted death so that we don't have to = we don't have to fear death.

When you get home, you might have a big lunch today. There might even be new things to try. As you taste your food today, or if you try anything new this week, remember our Bible verse: 'Taste and see that the LORD is good.' Do you know that?

This sermon was preached at the Family Harvest Thanksgiving in Aghavea Parish Church on Sunday 2nd October 2011

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