Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Battle Within

There's a battle raging within me. I'm under attack. Despite coming a little later than usual, the post-Christmas cold has struck with a vengeance. I'm just thankful that it didn't happen before yesterday, when all the Christmas services and all the New Year services have been completed!

The battle is raging. My body is under attack from germs and bugs, trying to gain the upper hand. Right now, it seems as if they're winning. Tiny, microscopic organisms bringing down something so much bigger than them.

But it's not all one-sided. My body is fighting back. It is marshalling its own armies, fighting against the invaders, defending my body and boosting the immune system. The multiple hot drinks and tablets and soothers are helping the task by sending reinforcements. In a day or two, the battle will have been won, the aliens defeated and I'll be getting back to normal.

The human body is amazing - fearfully and wonderfully made, to quote a former King of Israel. It just gets on with the task of fighting infection, seeking to stay healthy, defeating the things that just shouldn't be there.

It reminds me of another battle that rages within, but one which isn't always as successful. Sin ravages and rampages within, seeming to have a free rein (and reign), but am I always as quick to fight against it as my body is to fight infection? The remedy is the gospel, the medicine supplied by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, as we seek to fight back against sin, the world and the devil. Victory may be a longer time coming, but it is sure and certain one day - that same day that suffering and sickness and sadness will be no more.

The defeat of this sin-sickness will come courtesy of the red cross, where the blood of my Saviour was shed for me, and the unhealthy, miserable sinner will be made right and whole and healed. O Lord, give me grace for the battle, to stand in your victory, to battle against all that is sinful in me.

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