Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Things I Want To Say

Facebook is a great way of keeping up to date with former school friends. Just last week, I noticed that one of my contemporaries from Wallace High School in Lisburn is soon to be launching her debut album, Things I Want To Say. I ordered my copy on Friday evening. In the meantime, Ruth was on Radio Ulster on Saturday morning, and I couldn't wait for the album to arrive! Yesterday morning it did arrive in our letter box, direct from Ruth Trimble, and it's the only thing I've listened to since.

It's a beautiful album from a very talented lady, with a variety of emotions and moods from her distinctive style. The title track Things I Want To Say is a poignant, quiet song to a dear friend, dearly departed, and almost had me in tears, such is the power of the emotion in the lyrics. Fighter is an upbeat pop song celebrating her little nephew's birth and growth with a catchy chorus. Tonight returns to the quieter type of song, reflecting on a lost love. Let You Go is a lovely tune on the break-up of a relationship with a powerful chorus (which was featured on the radio on Saturday). Awaken My Soul is a smooth song packed with longing and hopefulness. The pace picks up with Set You Free, and slows for Goodbye as the relationship continues to break down. Judah has an Irish feel, with its tin whistle and accordian, celebrating the birth of her nephew. You Took My Heart highlights her prowess on the piano in this quiet and haunting tune. May It Be picks up the pace with the guitar leading the band as her faith comes to the fore in this worship song. The Fourth of November is a beautiful instrumental, written for her friend's journey up the aisle, which could easily feature in a pipe band's repertoire. The album closes with the majestic God Knows, reflecting on the providence of God in her life.

All in all it's a great debut album, and one that you need to get in your ears. Copies can be bought at Ruth's website.

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