Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Book Review: The Christ of the Empty Tomb

I've previously reviewed another similar book from James Montgomery Boice - The Christ of Christmas. In it, Boice's Christmas sermons were shared, but in this volume, The Christ of the Empty Tomb, Boice turns to the other great festival of the Church: Easter.

Boice was a great preacher, with clarity of thought, superb illustrations, and life-changing application, all of which shines through in this volume of Easter sermons. They are collected into four main sections: New Day Dawning; The First Lord's Day; He is Risen; and Our New Day; and even from those titles you can see the arrangement of material and the scope of the sermons.

There is something for everyone in this very helpful book. For the sceptic (skeptic?), there is a careful examination and explanation of the events of that first Easter Day at the empty tomb. For the new Christian, there are encouragements to grow in faith and confidence because Jesus is risen from the dead. For the seasoned saint, there are plenty of encouragements to keep going and keep growing. For the pressured pastor, there are ideas and illustrations that may be a launchpad for an Easter sermon series; new angles and interesting details to stop and consider; fresh fodder for the preacher.

Above all, the book is an exciting reminder that the heart of our faith is the fact that Jesus is alive and reigns, that death could not hold him, and because of this, nothing will be the same again. Check out the promotional video from the publishers:

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