Monday, December 03, 2012

Book Review: Planting for the Gospel

The sub-title declares that this little book is 'A hands-on guide to Church Planting', and it's certainly that. With just over 100 small pages, this is a primer and introduction to the concept, theory and practice of planting new churches, from the pen of Graham Beynon.

Section One presents some of the issues you might need to think through as you start to plan for a plant. The brief chapters present matters such as the reasons for planting a church; different models; deciding on the model to use; different methods of planting; key issues, and the early days.

For such a small book, there are lots to think about, and even avenues for those who wouldn't consider themselves to be in a position to plant. It's a good prompt to keep thinking about church planting, and to look for ways to develop and grow the church wherever you are, as well as planting beyond.

Section Two presents a series of case studies. They're brief pen portraits of plants, and what was very helpful was that they weren't just success stories - several spoke of things being small, and trials. There was also a helpful mix of locations, both America and the UK (and even one in Northern Ireland!) to give illustrations for the variety of models and methods outlined earlier in the book.

It's a great little book, and while it won't be the last book you'll read on church planting, it should definitely be the first.

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