Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Book Review: Maid of the Mist

I've been catching up on the back catalogue of Ulster fiction author, Colin Bateman, reading all his books in the order they were written (in between other, more sensible books). In his fifth novel, Bateman returns to North America, this time in the sleepy town of Niagara Falls, where Frank Corrigan a Northern Irish ex-pat is now serving on the police.

The story revolves around Corrigan's mad antics and mishaps as a regular police call out becomes a major stake out of an international drug dealing conference in his backwater town. Alongside Frank are an array of characters, from the man who has taken his wife away; his policing colleagues; Pongo, a seemingly famous music artist; Annie, the manager of a women's refuge; and Lelewala, who claims to be the reincarnation of a Native American princess.

Take all that with (SPOILER!) the appearance of Morton, the veteran of the siege of the former book Empire State, and Bateman's wit and genius one-liners, and you've got the makings of another madcap but hilarious adventure. As usual with his books, though, let the reader be aware that there is some colourful language.

As the output of Bateman has continued (and remember, I'm still only scratching the surface), I'm enjoying his novels more and more. The next, 'Turbulent Priests' is set on Wrathlin Island. Watch this space...

Maid of the Mistis available from Amazon.

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