Monday, June 17, 2013

Beautiful Fermanagh: The #G8 Venue

The day has finally arrived. The leaders are arriving. Barack Obama is on his way to Belfast, and then to Fermanagh. The Lough Erne Golf Resort awaits the G8 delegations. And the rain is on. Good Fermanagh rain, just as we're used to in these parts.

It doesn't rain all the time, and to prove it, here are some photos of Fermanagh in the sunshine. Here's what the G8 leaders might miss as they dander in the drizzle and helicopter in the heavy rain!
Sunrise on Lough Erne

Monea Castle

Enniskillen Cathedral by night

Castle Coole

Enniskillen Castle by night

Topped sunset

Enniskillen Castle from the water

Crom Castle

Lower Lough Erne from Lough Naver Forest

My own little corner of Fermanagh - Aghavea

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