Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sermon Notes: Luke 24: 13-35 The Road to Emmaus

Normally, my sermons come from a fairly tight full script, although the preached sermon is never exactly the same as the sermon script which appears here. Last Sunday night in the Brooke Hall, I tried something a little bit different - a series of notes, pointers, reminders which were the basis of my sermon. I think I ended up speaking for longer (25 minutes), so perhaps I should be more structured and scripted!

Invite you to come for a walk with me tonight...
maybe a road you know well... you’ve walked it manys a time
road to Emmaus; road of confusion; road of disappointment;

We might think it would have been great to have been among Jesus’ first disciples
to be with him as he did his miracles
to be with him to hear his teaching
to be with him on that first resurrection day...

These two were there, in Jerusalem, two followers
they’ve heard the tomb is empty
they’ve heard that Jesus is alive
they’ve heard the good news... but you wouldn’t think it...

These two trudge home.
Hopes crushed
Dreams fading
confused, hurt, and lost
Talking it out, failing to understand

They’re joined by a stranger
At least, they think he’s a stranger
Eyes kept from recognising him
They look at him, but they can’t see him
Don’t know him

What are you talking about? the stranger asks
They stop, look sad, How could you not know?
Surely everyone is talking about this?
About what?!

Here’s what: They know the full facts
Jesus of Nazareth - prophet
delivered by chief priests and rulers, crucified.
We had hoped he would redeem Israel - didn’t think he’d die

They even know of the empty tomb
the message of the angels
the confirmation of the empty tomb
their friends didn’t see Jesus

(Imagine saying this to Jesus...)

Disappointment with God
hopes dashed because they can’t see Jesus

If I were Jesus, I think I would have said, it’s fine, it’s me, I’m here
but Jesus gives them the scripture before the experience
the explanation before the exhilaration

1. Seeing Jesus in the Scriptures
Jesus calls them foolish and slow of heart
haven’t believed all the prophets have spoken!

Q: Was it not necessary that the Christ should suffer these things and enter into his glory?
Beginning with Moses
all the Prophets
all the Scriptures the things concerning him

God had promised beforehand that it would be like this...
so the wheels hadn’t come off the bus

2. Seeing Jesus in the flesh
In the house, stay with us (abide with us)
took, blessed, broke, gave - 4 verbs of 5000/Communion
recognised, see him, he disappears
Burning hearts, transformed lives,
return to Jerusalem, sharing the good news - they know it too

Same road, but it’s not the same attitude

Perhaps when things don't go the way we planned
when we fail to understand what God is doing
when we think all is a disaster
we need to see Jesus in the scriptures - to see what God has promised (and not promised)
we need to know that Jesus is with us - even if we can't see him right now

When you walk the Emmaus road of disappointment - look for Jesus, in his word, and in his presence.

This sermon was preached in the Brooke Memorial Hall, Brookeborough on Sunday 26th April 2015.

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