Tuesday, June 23, 2015

You Never Miss The Water...

... till the well runs dry. You've heard the saying, but you don't realise its truth until it really does happen. 

This morning, it was fulfilled in the rectory. The tap was turned on to fill the kettle to make the breakfast tea. There was a weird noise, but no water came out. To be sure, I tried another tap, but the same lack of water was evident.

Checking the NI Water website confirmed the supply problem and their assurance that their staff was dealing with the issue. So that was good. But it was only then that I realised just how convenient the water supply normally is - and how much we take it for granted!

No water meant no filling the kettle, so tea was out. No diluting orange either. Pure orange and milk would do to quench immediate thirst. 

The dishwasher couldn't be turned on. Nor the washing machine. The shower was in doubt, in case the hot water tank emptied and caused an air lock in the whole system. Toilet flushes were carefully considered but hand washing was fairly essential. 

This morning I had planned to be in the study, doing sermon prep for Sunday, so it wouldn't immediately matter if I didn't get a shower, but how long could I wait? 

Thankfully, our lack only lasted until about 11.30am. The kettle was filled, and the first tea of the day was consumed, before grabbing a quick shower (in hope that the water wouldn't stop halfway through, just when I was about to rinse off my body wash!) normal supply had returned. 

Most days I don't think anything of turning on a tap and having clean, fresh water gush out. Yet many in the world only dream of such an experience. For them, water isn't so convenient, nor safe. Thirst is a daily reality. 

Perhaps you're like me, taking water for granted. This little experience made me think, and discover more about how Tearfund are helping to bring clean water to communities across the world. What a great work they're doing!

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