Monday, July 31, 2017

McFlurry's McLinks (27)

It's been a while since we've had some proper blogging here. We'll maybe see about more regular posting, besides the sermons from Sundays. So here's the revival of my McFlurry's McLinks feature, highlighting some of the blogs you might also find interesting.

First up, Supersimbo takes us back to the beginning of blogging, when the word of the year was blog.

Haddon Robinson was most famous for his book on Expository Preaching. Following his recent death Steve Mathewson paid this tribute on the Gospel Coalition website.

David Murray reflects on profitable fails - reminding us that failure is not final.

The Belfast Bigot tackles life in the Matrix, looking at 3 insurmountable problems of atheism.

Summer White at Sheologians considers the recent Peterson scandal and views it from several significant angles.

It was good to be off for a brief holiday, and get some reading done last week. It was even better to then read this (three-year old) article from Rachel Grate, which says that 'Science has great news for people who read actual books.' So what are you waiting for? Put down your phone, switch off your laptop, and get reading an actual book. Just remember to come back and sample another set of McLinks in a week or two!

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