Monday, November 12, 2007

Just Like Christmas

This afternoon in my room it's just like Christmas morning. The reason? Well, the APCK Book Grant has arrived!

Every year, the Association for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge (APCK) provides ordinands with a grant for books. We had the forms all filled in on the first day of term, and the books have now arrived! There was an exciting box sitting awaiting every third year today when we came out of Church History class. Straight away, it was a rush back to the room to get the box opened to see what had arrived!

So far 15 of my choices have come, with another 3 waiting on. So now I have a great choice of books to read, including Mark Driscoll's latest book 'Confessions of a Reformission Rev'; three books by Christopher Wright; the new book 'Pierced for our transgressions', and Ray Galea's book 'Nothing in my hand I bring' on the differences between Roman Catholic and Protestant beliefs. Interesting reading ahead, if only I had these essays out of the way!


  1. Just what you need honey....MORE BOOKS!!! :)

  2. Hi my name's Jit, I'm a new ordinand at Wycliffe Hall. Was wondering if you knew how to apply to the APCK for this grant, none of us at wycliffe know anything about it!