Sunday, November 04, 2007


Well, I have to confess I've neglected the blog over the past week or so - been busy, busy! Last Sunday was a big preaching day. Morning was in my placement parishes - Drumgath and Drumgooland; evening was in Dungiven, at the harvest thanksgiving. Think they all went well, which I was glad for.

Monday was a day off, due to the wee bank holiday in Ireland. Didn't do very much - just out for a drive as I wanted to see the new Belfast Wheel beside the City Hall. Was raining really heavily though, so I didn't get out...

Rest of the week, I was back in Dublin, with another week of college finished. Just five more until the Christmas holidays, with almost as many essays due for then too! Friday I was on placement, out doing some pastoral visits. Think it went well - it was nice actually doing the real work for a change!

I'm now doing final preparations for the Smiles service I'm taking tonight in the Cathedral. I've put together the service, and the powerpoint of some pictures from my trip in the summer. They have brought back many memories from the summer. Service is at a strange time tonight, so I'm not sure how many will come along... will let you know in the near future!

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