Monday, February 22, 2010

A Day in Dublin

Saturday afternoon found us on the road to Dublin - but not to see Lady GaGa who was in town at The Point O2. Instead, we were meeting up with a French friend, Clotilde, who was in town for a few days with her work.

The journey down was smooth, with just a slight delay due to the 40mph and 30mph speed limits on the roadworks around Newry as they labour to finish the new dual carriageway by-pass and associated works. When it's all done, it will be fantastic, and a vast improvement on the way things were not too many years ago with single-carriageway bumpy roads and long delays getting through every town and village along the road. The most impressive section has to be the new bridge right over the top of the Cloghogue roundabout at the southern end of Newry - I was over it and then realised what had just happened! You can tell it's been over a year since we were last on the A1 that far south...

Anyway, back to Dublin. We enjoyed a great meal with Clotilde down by the riverside in a nice Italian restaurant opposite the Millennium Bridge, then took a dander through Temple Bar and round by Trinity College and St Stephen's Green before returning up O'Connell Street to the hotel and car park. I even got a few night shots, one of which is my 365 for the day:

051/365:2010 Whoosh!

The journey home was interesting, to say the least. It had been cold all day, and the trees lining the motorway at Dundalk were like a Christmas card scene on the way down. The snow came on as we journeyed north, and it was like a retro trip back to the old days of the starfield screensaver as the snow came straight for us.

All in all, a nice return to my former stomping ground, a great reunion with Tilou, and a good day off.

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