Thursday, February 04, 2010

McFlurry's McLinks (11)

It's been a while since I've set up a huge great signpost to the best of the blogs I'm reading, so here goes for another McFlurry's McLinks:

James Cary urges churches to focus on audio sermons, not video sermons.

Stafford Carson compares gyms to Christianity. Sadly, his time as a Moderator is coming to an end, and William Crawley speculated on his successor.

Kevin DeYoung ponders being offended.

The Simple Pastor concluded his no TV experiment. The TV lost. He also reflected on his time in Pakistan, and the memorial tomb of its founder compared to the lack of a tomb memorial for Jesus.

The Coastal Pastor shared a list of rules for writing well. Classic!

Dave Keen reflects on 96% of churchgoers looking forward to the sermon, while DeYoung shares how he puts together his sermon. He also reviewed a book on pastoral visiting to the sick.

étrangère shares the link to a podcast on the Chronicles of Narnia and its symbolism. She also linked to a great poetry video Totally Like Whatever, You Know?

Dave Bish gives a comprehensive overview of the Letter to the Hebrews.

The Ugley Vicar asks if Richard Dawkins is rational - get the philosophy head on for reading this one!

Al Mohler belatedly reviews The Shack. He also helpfully reviews a book on pornography: Wired for Intimacy.

Just before the Six Nations Rugby begins, Dewi on Slugger O'Toole is hosting a predictions competition.

Ali was funny on the Tesco ban on pyjamas and Sinn Fein's insistence that shoppers should wear what they want...

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