Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Bible Version Survey

Just over a month ago, we had a survey running to see which Bible version was used by my blog readers. It's obviously not scientific, but here are the results:

Authorised Version - 2 (15.4%)
ESV - 4 (30.8%)
NIV - 7 (53.8%)
NRSV - 2 (15.4%)
The Message - 2 (15.4%)

Total Poll responses were 13, with a majority of this sample using the New International Version.

A big thank you to all who took part in the poll - it exceeded my expectations for responses! Open Forum now for you to suggest why you read that particular version...


  1. Doh! missed the poll - even though I commented in my blog. I use NIV at church cos "all we like sheep ...", NASB for accuracy and reliability (ESV's looking good here), Tyndale when I want to see where the AV got its pretty turn of phrase, The Message to listen to, Street Bible when I don't feel like reading Leviticus or long lists of names (only kidding), Living Bible for this translation classic: "Saul went into a cave to go to the bathroom" (1 Sam 24 v 3)
    - Ian

  2. Ian, not sure where you would have marked your 'x' in the poll - maybe one in every box at that rate! Looks like Israelite caves were pretty well equipped, each with their own bathroom!

    Thanks again for the links here, and also for commenting! Hope things are well up at Shine.