Thursday, April 22, 2010

McFlurry's McLinks (13)

Well well, I didn't realise it has been almost two months since the last installment of McFlurry's McLinks. Let's get on with some of my recommendations from my web reading:

On the area of Bible study and preaching prep, I've been impressed by the helpful diagrams Mark Meynell has been producing on the narrative in Luke 18-20, as well as the post-Easter accounts of Matthew and Luke. William Crawley asked how long a sermon should last, after a Vatican bishop said no more than eight minutes!

DeYoung outlined some helpful tips on preparing to lead congregational prayers.

Perhaps on a personal subject, Mindkee asks about your smell. Mr Kee was considering the mission of God and the commissioned church.

Stafford Carson considered the multi-screen church. Kevin DeYoung was thinking about the decline of the mainline churches. BenYong asks about spiritual maturity.

Al Mohler linked to and commented on a shocking report on preachers who don't believe. William Crawley also picked it up.

Having read several Don Carson books so far this year, I was interested to see that Adrian Warnock spoke about his newest book. He also highlighted the free ESV Bible app for the iPhone.

In some slightly belated Easter-related goodies (which may come in useful next year!) Rambling Rural Rector asks why?

Ray Ortlund didn't recommend this approach used by Luther.

Marramgrass asks are you prepared?

Some funnies, and The Stuff Christians Like book is free (until the end of April), as well as the youth minister scorecard, while DeYoung had the exclusive on Apple development projects.

The funniest blog posting I've read in a long time came courtesy of Ali describing a recent spa treatment!

My linked video is this outstanding Generic Movie. Have you seen it?


  1. Thanks Gary, the ESV Bible for iphone is excellent.

  2. Yeah, it's a good app, especially since it's offline content you can access anywhere. Hope you're well Daniel!