Saturday, May 08, 2010

Family Fun

Last night we had a family fun night at church. A good turn out of people, and a nice clear evening which made for good barbecue weather! To start with, the Curate had set a Treasure Hunt which took the families through the Moat Park and round part of Dundonald, following terribly forced doggerel rhymes. Thankfully no one got lost, and all returned having worked out a good number of the answers.

The BBQ fires had been burning, and the burgers and sausages were consumed with relish (!) before the results were revealed and treasure (gold-wrapped chocolate coins) was distributed. There were also some relay races and pass the parcels for the kids to enjoy before we cleared the hall and went home. A great night, and good to see the young families coming together and enjoying getting to know each other. Perhaps we'll have another one before too long!

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