Thursday, July 22, 2010

McFlurry's McLinks (15)

Last month we had a World Cup special, so lots of goodies to link to in this portion of McFlurry's McLinks:

On Bible study, Peter Whyte asked why we need chapters and verses. He also linked to some articles on reading. étrangère argues for slow reading. The Ugley Vicar divided Hebrews for preaching.

Abraham Piper had some pews for sleeping. Mark Meynell had the words of a more realistic hymn: Backward Christian Soldiers.

On ministry, David Keen (who has sadly quit blogging) has some helpful tips on weddings. Kevin DeYoung looks at the minister's toolbox. Meanwhile Irish Calvinist takes Rick Warren to task on style.

Mark Meynell had an interesting piece on the omniscience of Google. Irish Calvinist reported on a church removing a cross to be less offensive.

étrangère laments the New Atheists. Stafford Carson linked to an article on the digital age. All Souls are thinking through their website - perhaps your church website needs to be thought about too?

On photography, iced coffee had a very clever bar chart of the most popular beers during the recent Twelfth parade in Belfast.

We always have an interesting video, and this month we have the one-man choir:

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