Thursday, September 16, 2010

McFlurry's McLinks (16)

It's been a while since the last serving of fresh and interesting McLinks from the blogosphere and my feedreader, so here goes:

Ray Ortlund writes about the new NFL season (although it could be profitably applied to football/rugby/Formula 1 or whatever your sporting idol is).

In ministry items, Irish Calvinist pointed to a video of John Piper's sermon prep. Kevin DeYoung thought about the practicalities of applying the sermon. He also writes about why he loves his church (and not just when he's on holidays!). James Cary (who has sadly ceased blogging having reached 500 posts) thought about virtual preaching. Also on a technology note, Peter Whyte thinks about e-readers.

A recent survey suggested that newspaper article starting lines are predictable, according to Abraham Piper. It made me think about sermon openers too. Peter Whyte reports on some extensive reading.

Irish Calvinist wonders if younger evangelicals (in the American context) are more concerned with being cool than orthodox. At the same time, Stafford Carson reports on the tendency of young people to be moralistic therapeutic deists.

Meanwhile, the IRS in the USA is spot on in its ecclesiology. Thinking about taxes, Deyoung also notes that there's something worse than taxes, or death. Still on government and all that, Clare in Brussels reflects on the West Wing (this is a new link from this blog).

If you're feeling lost or low, take a few moments to reflect on Psalm 121 using Daniel Owen's wonderful photos. Still on the photos theme, check out these macros on 22 words.

If you want a laugh, check out the honesty of Ali's kids in the middle of this update.

In previous episodes of McFlurry's McLinks we've featured a parody video based on Bohemian Rhapsody; here's one via 22 words which presents the three Star Wars prequels in six minutes:


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