Thursday, September 09, 2010

Pope Idol

William Crawley reminds us that it's just one week until Pope Benedict visits the UK Great Britain, a visit surrounded by controversy. I just want to flag up a great little series of sermons preached by Hugh Palmer in All Souls, Langham Place (London) recently: Truths Worth Dying For.

As Mark Meynell (who's also on the staff at All Souls) writes, 'But if one of the purposes of such visits is to raise the profile of Catholicism, then it is perfectly fair game to re-examine the reasons why many of us count ourselves Christian but not Catholic.'

Hugh faithfully preaches Scripture and in the process helps explain why the Reformation happened, and why we continue to hold to these great truths, the solas (grace alone, faith alone, Christ alone, Bible alone). Good for your iPod or mp3 player, and good for your soul!


  1. Surely we are catholic but nor Roman Catholic?

    Catholic to my knowledge referrers to all believers in Jesus Christ across the world and the ages.

    Love the blog

  2. Yes, indeed! We are catholic, but not Roman Catholic. An important distinction, but the words above were a quote from Mark Meynell's blog. Thanks for the comment.