Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Early Church and The Stig

Our Harvest weekend has now finished, and we'll probably be thinking and planning for Christmas services before long. Before Harvest completely disappears from our memory, I wanted to share a few resources from the weekend with you.

Our special guest over the weekend was Bishop Wallace Benn, the Bishop of Lewes on the south coast of England. On Saturday, he taught on the Early Church and its Growth: a study from Acts, which is the basis of a new book soon to be published. The book will be excellent, based on the material he presented and preached on Saturday. You can listen in, as the mp3s are available from the first two sessions of the day over at the St Elizabeth's sermon blog: Session 1; Session 2. Sadly the third session didn't record - blame the idiot curate and his technology!

You might have read the title and wondered how a racing driver fits in with the early church. On the Friday night, Bishop Wallace let slip that he had been on a well known driving programme, and thanks to the wonders of YouTube and the internet, we tracked it down and showed it on Saturday. This is the edited highlights of Wallace's appearance. Enjoy!

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