Thursday, October 28, 2010

Top Twittering Clergy

Inspired by the Twurch of England top 20, here we have for the first time, the top 20 Church of Ireland twits! These are primarily drawn from the Clergy list of the Church of Ireland Twitter list, with some alterations. As with the English system, I've used Twitter Grader which gives the influence grade out of 100.

Name - Username - Grade
1. Stephen Neill paddyanglican 95.5
2. Bishop Paul Colton b2dac 93
3. Gary McMurray gmcflurry 69
4. Victor Fitzpatrick prayspot 67
5. Liz Hanna hannamanor 66
6. Earl Storey topstorey 62
7. Alan Barr alnbarr 61
8. Arlene Moore revamo 58
9. Craig McCauley rrrcmcc 56
10. Daniel Owen dnlowen 55
11. Bryan Martin dromoreminister 52
12. Trevor Johnston trevorjohnston 45
13. Robert Miller robsmiller 42
13. Adrian Dorrian adriandorrian 42
15. Stephen Lowry shlowry 38
15. Elizabeth Cairns revelizca 38
17. Robert Lawson contemp1 36
18. Daniel Nuzum danielnuzum 32
19. Alistair Grimason deantuam 22
19. Brian Harper colliedoggie 22

If you know of any twittering clergy missing from the list, drop a comment/email, and perhaps we'll revisit this at some point in the future to see how this new technology is being used by the church!


  1. So I would have been 3rd if you hadn't blown my cover!

  2. If it includes bloggers... then Ian Poulton

  3. I knew I spent too much time on Twitter ;) Slightly curtailed since iPhone lost/stolen last week in Canaries? Maybe for the best - I suspect I will fall down the rankings as I don't intend to replace it and will probably largely connect via my netbook in future.
    It was quite liberating to be unconnected for almost a fortnight :)
    Stephen aka paddyanglican

  4. Life without an iPhone? I can't imagine it Stephen! Although it is good to get away and unplug for a while.

    Liz, it's only for Twitter, so unless Ian is tweeting, he won't feature on the list.

    Alan, perhaps we should have an ecumenical twit list too? You'd be up there in that one!