Wednesday, November 03, 2010

McFlurry's McLinks (17)

Time for another batch of links to the best of what I've been reading on the internet over this past wee while. Lots of links - I'll try not to leave it so long before the next batch!

On the ministry front, Kevin DeYoung had two batches of advice for theological students and young pastors. Proc Trust have started a blog with some useful articles, including preventing boring sermon illustrations. Irish Calvinist asks why pastors are fat. Ugley Vicar preached on the New Perspective, the Pharisee and the Tax Collector!

Some amazing pictures for you to look at: Abraham Piper linked to a nuts and bolts chess set, as well as a hilarious literalist rendering of Solomon's wife (Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like her?!), the ultimate preaching trick, and the comparative size of Africa. Belfast Taxi Driver highlighted the screme egg, while Quaerentia linked to amazing photos of the Northern Lights.

DeYoung ponders tormented souls and reasons reason, while Scrabo Power is worried about the next big thing. It's slightly out of date now as he's long gone, but étrangère had an open letter to Benedict when he visited the UK Great Britain. Irish Calvinist thinks about the Gospel and the Koran. The Simple Pastor studied the word call in the Bible. Good stuff. The Vicar's Wife is ready to meditate.

Jonny's Romantic Instructions charts his course from couch to competitor. Benyong gives some advice for new medical students and wonders if the Bible is like a software licence. Trevin Wax had some English expressions and where they came from. Normal Life Adventure shared an alarming story.

Archbishop Cranmer wants to put Cliff Richard at Christmas Number One. Meanwhile, on a Hallowe'en theme (too late for this year but useful for next!) Captive Thoughts looked at resisting the devil while the Vicar's Wife had some Christian pumpkins.

In politics, could we eventually see a united Ireland, united under the Union Jack again?

For the video this time, the Vicar's Wife linked to this Bible in a minute:

This second video had to be shared - the trailer for the new Narnia film!

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