Monday, November 08, 2010

Sexual Purity: Resources

Following on from last night's sermon on adultery (of the body and of the heart), I thought it might be useful to compile some links to good resources on the issue if you're particularly struggling in this area. As well as highlighting some good free stuff available on the internet, it also means that if you want to buy a book, you can do so over the internet rather than being embarrassed buying it from your church bookstall or local Christian bookshop.

Internet Resources

Tim Challies, the well-known Christian blogger, compiled a series of blog articles on getting out of porn, now also available as an E-Book called Sexual Detox.

Mark Driscoll has an E-Book called Porn Again Christian.

There's also the great website xxxchurch exposing and preventing porn, as well as providing accountability software and support for those trying to quit.


Tim Chester's book is excellent on the issue of porn: Captured by a Better Vision. (Reviewed here).

Arterburn and Stoeker have a number of books out, including Every Man's Battle and for single guys Every Young Man's Battle.

If you know of other good resources, mention them in the comments and we'll include them in updates of this page.

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