Friday, April 01, 2011

McFlurry's McLinks (23)

Having failed to share any links last month, here's a fresh batch of links from the web for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Ordinary Pastor considers the parenting response to seeing two dudes kissing. He also points us to where we see the glory of Christ. The Proclaimer thinks about Dame Vera Lynn, Melchizedek, and the mathematical extinction of religion. Have you ever had a hangover like this one?

I had lots of links about the Rob Bell book, but I'll not bother with them - instead, as a kind of summary, Challies thought about the new evangelical virtues.

The Confessing Student Worker considers no news and good news after recent events. Norwin's eyewitness accounts and updates from Japan and now home were interesting reading.

Very late for Paddy's Day, but étrangère shared why she was celebrating, as well as looking at the preaching of pop songs.

Ali walks off a packet of crisps (almost!). Ever wanted to paint the town red? Or what about wordsearch wrapping paper? 22 Words shared the 101 most common English words. You wouldn't want to eat at this comma deficient house!

The Church of Ireland wed award nominations are open... while the Simple Pastor deals with Facebook, and Failbook highlights the dangers of status updates in school. Imprints of Light shares the very first version of the iPad.

The video this time round is a compilation of Bible Wordles, showing the most dominant words in each book of the Bible (H/T Trevin Wax):

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