Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Church of Ireland Twitter - June 2011

It's almost the end of another month, so here's the latest update to the rankings of twittering ministers in the Church of Ireland. The very sad news is that I'm slipping down the rankings, from 3rd in the very first set (October 10) to 6th equal, despite increasing my score!

The new entry in the top twenty is the pseudonymous Josiah Rowley (should we put a price on unveiling the rector behind the character?), while the Bishop of Cork retains top spot yet again.


  1. I find these stats very misleading. For example, the good Bishop Harold is in fourth, despite not having publicly tweeting since May 14th. Explain yourself, McFlurry! Is it purely a followers thing? Reckon you need a more socially-aware calculator...

  2. Pete, I currently use Twitter Grader to produce the scores. Their algorithm takes into account a number of factors.

    If you could suggest a better scoring provider, I'd be happy to have a look at it!

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