Tuesday, July 26, 2011

McFlurry's McLinks (25)

Here's another batch of links for your enjoyment:

Undercover genius
from Alexander Rose. What if the world was 100 people (visual). Plus, have you heard this story before? Have you got mail?

After the cremation, I hope they didn't pop this can...

Challies shares some secrets of productivity. The Proclaimer was thinking about rest and technology. Speaking of technology, here's an infographic on twitter usage.

On ministry, the Vicar's Wife discusses making records and skittle prayers, while De Young looked at church websites.

Wils shared a recipe for elderflower cordial. Shelterrific had a note from the past - I remember a time capsule being discovered in the roof of Dromore Cathedral when repairs were being carried out.

As well as having a new book out, here are some videos of Helen Roseveare speaking at Ballymoney Baptist.

My (soon to be former) colleague, Johny Beare, has started a new blog: Beare Goggles. In one of his first articles, he thought about phone hacking.

Quaerentia reflected on Steve Jobs thinking about mortality. Slugger had that horrific crash from the Tour de France.

Alan in Belfast covered the Twelfth of July in East Belfast and Dublin.

Denny Burk writes about the oxymoron of Christian terrorism following the tragic events of last week in Norway.

This edition's video is Shallow Small Group:

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