Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Driving A Hard Bargain

I've recently been having a look at car insurance, trying to get the best deal. Just in case I hypothetically speaking might be changing my car. And there's something I've noticed - and not just the spam that's likely to flood in on the comments to this post!
214/365:2010 Farewell Fiesta

When you're applying for car insurance online, you're asked all the standard questions. One of those standard questions is your occupation. So you start to type in a few letters and here's what you come up with:

The two options are 'Minister of Religion' or 'Baptist Minister'. Now, I'm sure my Baptists brothers would quickly make the point that they're not ministers of religion, and neither am I, but it was interesting that Baptists seem to be separate and not included under 'Religion' for ministers.

Any suggestions as to why this would be the case?

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