Friday, July 13, 2012

The Twelfth in Enniskillen: PIcture Special

Yesterday was my first time watching the Twelfth parade in the county of Fermanagh, and the important Williamite garrison town of Enniskillen. Throughout the siege of Derry (Londonderry), it was the island town of Enniskillen that prevented James II from pressing the advantage and forcing the Maiden City to surrender. The Williamite troops of Enniskillen went on raiding parties, engaging in guerilla warfare against the Jacobite forces; which meant that James had to divide his men.

The route of yesterday's parade was largely contained on the island of Enniskillen itself (Kathleen's Island), with the assembly and demonstration fields both car parks - at the Legion and the Castle. A large crowd of supporters watched as the lodges, bands, and even a pair of Lambeg drums made their way to the Castle car park for a Highland Scottish dancing demonstration before the service and speeches. Rev Stanley Gamble, newly appointed Rector of Killinchy, Kilmood and Tullynakill, and Grand Chaplain of the Orange Order, preached, assisted by County Chaplains Rev William Johnston and Rev Roderic West.

Surprisingly for Fermanagh, the sun came out, to the extent that I'm nursing a bit of sunburn on my face this morning!

Here are a few pictures from the day:
King Billy leads the procession.
County Fermanagh Grand Lodge
The County Standard.
Orange Women
Orange sisters on parade.
Banners in the breeze.
Cappa LOL 279
Britannia from Cappa, Monaghan.
Broken Banner
Emergency repairs on a broken banner.
Ballindarragh LOL 689
Local history in the Battle of Ballindarragh.
Tenor Drum
Tenor Drum in action.
Brookeborough Temperance LOL 330
One of many portraits of King Billy.
Brookeborough Flute Band
Brookeborough Drums.
Pipe Band and Lodge
Pipe Bands were the order of the day.
Lambeg Drums
The Lambeg Drums.
The Queen Travelled in Style
The Queen revisits Enniskillen!
Platform Party
The Platform Party, with special guests First Minister Peter Robinson and Minister Arlene Foster.
Scottish Dancing
Scottish dancing.
Stanley Gamble
Platform Proceedings.

For these and more photos from the Twelfth in Enniskillen, check out my Flickr set.

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