Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Did you miss me? Where did those three weeks go? We're now into the final day of my summer holidays, before going back on duty tomorrow. It's been really good to have lots of time off, spent with Lyns and the family; as well as the opportunity to get away and do something different for a week or three.
The centre of our holiday was the actual holiday, far far away in the sun, where summer really is summer, and the pool is refreshing and cool. A holiday in the sun means reclining on a sunlounger, catching up on some of the books I've been looking forward to reading, both in dead tree and kindle format. Lots of books. To put it into perspective, thus far this year I've read twenty books in the first twenty-eight weeks, and in my holiday week I managed to read another eleven (and a half!).

I discovered some new (to me) fiction writers, laughed a lot at Colin Bateman's books, was inspired for autumn preaching, and had my soul nourished and refreshed by sitting at the feet of John Stott. Reviews will come in, spaced over the rest of the year, probably, when I have a think about them.

We had a trip to Dublin Zoo, met up with friends, celebrated a birthday with a snake cake, enjoyed fellowship at 2nd Dromara Presbyterian Church (where they thought I was their new student minister!), and ended the time with some car trouble - hopefully I'll be reunited with my wagon today.

Tomorrow, the phone message will be changed, the collar will be back on, and off we go again, with the parish barbecue in sight, and Harvest and Christmas just around the corner...

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