Monday, December 30, 2013

Book Review: Mystery Man

You're probably fed up hearing of the latest Colin Bateman book I've read. This is the last one for a wee while! Bateman's books fall into several different categories. There are the stand alone novels which deal with a character and then finish, often catastrophically. There are the Dan Starkey novels, following the actions and inactions of Belfast's worst journalist. There are the Murphy's Law books (which I haven't started yet), which were turned into a TV series. And there's the Mystery Man series, partly based on the real life No Alibis bookshop on Botanic Avenue.

The first in the series, appropriately entitled Mystery Man, follows the owner of a failing bookshop, who, through a series of strange occurrences becomes a private investigator. The first case, involving a stolen pair of expensive leather trousers, soon develops into a much more sinister turn of events, with, as you've come to expect from Bateman's books, a murder or two.

The book is a romp through the world of book publishers, Nazi secrets, dancing and serial killers, with lots of black humour and laugh out loud moments as the jokes, puns, and accidents roll in thick and fast. If you've loved anything by Bateman, this will be no exception, and will spur you to continue onto the next in the series. Mystery Man is available from Amazonand for Kindle.

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