Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Book Review: Crazy Busy

The title of this, the last book of the year, seems to perfectly summarise my life: Crazy Busy. It's why I haven't read as many books as I'd like this year. It explains why I don't get done all the things I'd like to get done. Life seems to move quicker and quicker with no off button, particularly on the iFamily of devices. We're always connected, always on, and frazzled.

Kevin DeYoung tackles the subject in (as the subtitle puts it): 'A [mercifully] short book about a [really] big problem.' It's a great book, as he looks at the affliction of busyness. His opening couple of pages left me breathless at all he was and is doing. And then I realised that I'm in a similar boat, I just don't realise it. DeYoung offers a simple diagnosis of busyness, broken down into seven distinct elements: pride; total obligation; setting priorities; parenting; technology; rest; and suffering.

With humour and the straightforward words of a fellow sufferer, he provides grace-filled counsel and practical wisdom. There is a way out, through the priority of devotion to Jesus, by spending time with him in his word, but he only gets there when he exposes the false promises of continuing as we are by ourselves.

This would be a good book to read at the beginning of a new year, when you're setting priorities and thinking about resolutions. But if you sink under the stress of January, it would be great to read at any time of the year, or even several times a year to refocus and reassess the mess of busyness.

Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung is available for Kindle.At the moment, it's even cheaper at ThinkIVP as an ebook.

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