Monday, December 15, 2014

Book Review: The Resurrection of Christ

Every year I try to do some seasonal reading - an Easter type book around Holy Week and Easter, and an Advent/Christmas themed book in December. So back in the springtime, I read Michael Ramsey's 'The Resurrection of Christ', but the review is only appearing now (yes, that's how far behind my book reviews are running... the pressure's on to get them all cleared up by the end of this year!).

I didn't know terribly much about Michael Ramsey before I read the book, other than that he was the Archbishop of Canterbury at a time. It seems now that I know a bit more about him, but wouldn't agree with him on much, other than his basic premise, that Jesus rose from the dead. How he goes about trying to argue for it, though, left a lot to be desired. There are dodgy philosophical ramblings that seek to deny, not explain the necessity of a sin-bearing substitute, among other things. He seems to want to satisfy the academy, rather than base his belief on what the scriptures say.

It appeared that he was trying to be too highbrow, and that other books now available are better on the resurrection ('Lifted' by Sam Allberry or 'Raised with Christ' by Adrian Warnock). I definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone, so don't bother with it!

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