Thursday, October 20, 2005

Road Trip!

Oh what fun you can have on a road trip!!! This afternoon, four of us set off to see prayer-desk type things at a furniture shop, and it turned into a fun-filled road trip across Dublin! We had heard that Hayes and Finch had some cassocks and other clerical wear on sale, so, armed with a map, a phone number (for directions) and a car, we headed for Finglas (just opposite Glasnevin cemetery).

So we got there, and there were such a lot of cassocks and albs and stoles and all sorts... And we also found prayer-desks at less than half what the other place were quoting as their minimum price. And we all ended up buying at least something, due to the very good prices - so now my cassock is hanging on the back of the door...

But the craic we had was mighty! It was well worth going for the drive and spending time with people outside of classes or dinner, even if I was getting a lot of stick from Adrian (but then, what is new?).

Oh - and as I got back to the college, it turned out that Hunter-erguson had rung home to say that my measured robes are ready and waiting me in Crumlin!

Next Thursday I have to lead the morning serice in the Chapel for the first time, so be praying about that as I prepare for it, and as it happens.

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