Saturday, October 29, 2005


So here I am... just a wee quick posting from Dundee. I travelled over here yesterday, from Dublin to Dundee, in a total journey time which allowed me to completely read Vaughn Roberts' book 'God's Big Picture' which is a sort of Bible overview, and which was very good, and also about half of Tom Wright's book 'Following Jesus'.

It's now Saturday morning and the whole day lies free before us. What to do... No doubt Lynsey will have plans. We'll probably go exploring to see what there is in the town/city. ONe thing I am looking forward to seeing, though, is a big statue of Desperate Dan somewhere (cos Dundee is the home of DC Thompson, which produces the Beano and the Dandy and such other newspapers and stuff).

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  1. hello
    you will never guess who this is!!!! Hee hee! Well you told me to be nice so I will try my's hard!.....
    i hope you have enjoyed your wee stay and haste ye back