Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Neon Socks!

Neon Socks!
Originally uploaded by Gary McMurray.

Last Friday I had a mini-meetup with a Flickr buddy. MacBern has an amazing photostream, and you should definitely check it out. After a dander round St George's Market and then a look round St Anne's Cathedral in Belfast, I took her out to Dundonald to show her the interior of St Elizabeth's. Got some nice photos, which you can see at my Flickr - if you've never seen what the inside looks like yet!

The photo above, however, was my photo of the day. This was on a stall over in the corner, and the colours are so bright and clashy! I'm thinking that these socks would be useful if you were getting dressed in the dark. Someone asked on Flickr which pair I had bought. None, yet - any ideas?

Could it unleash a cyberpunk or cybergoth or whatever streak in me? Probably not!

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