Thursday, September 04, 2008

Outdated Preaching?

For quite a while I've been reading Irish Calvinist. This guy talks a lot of sense. One of his latest postings is an incisive analysis of the claim that preaching as a form of communicating a message is outdated. Well, if that's the case, then how come the USA Presidential Race depends on the same style for its message? Read it and be encouraged to continue to preach the word.

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  1. Another informative link. It has bothered me greatly that the preacher is is being pressurised to fill in 10 minutes between 2 hymns,oh, and it better be entertaining. It saddens, nay frightens me that we appear to be a nation that loses concentration after 10 mins. Hope that doesn't extend to airline pilots or surgeons or..... Anyway, in my opinion, preaching is destined to be some sort of stand up comedy routine lest we take a stand! MrsMcF