Saturday, December 20, 2008

A New Testament Church?

Recently I've been preaching from the Old Testament, on Jeremiah and Micah. Earlier in the year, we were also in 1 Samuel. Early next year I'm hoping to study the book Ruth in a Fellowship Group. Yet for many Christians, the Old Testament (otherwise known for some as the Hebrew Scriptures), can seem like unfamiliar territory. Some may even not think of it at all - happy to be New Testament Christians.

I've found a great link to an article by Dale Ralph Davis, where he asks 'Why is the Old Testament shut out of church?' A great article which suggests some reasons why this may be so, and corrects the false thinking by reminding us of the God that the Scriptures reveal, the God of 'such massive, world-moving, guilt-drowning grace.'

Read it, and you'll never read the Old Testament in the same way again.

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