Thursday, December 04, 2008

Red or Green? Hollyoaks Hoax

Over the past week, Hollyoaks has been running a more adult version of the long-running teen soap, called Hollyoaks Later. I didn't watch it myself, but an interesting article I spotted in the Belfast Telegraph (no link as it's not online) might have Sinn Fein Youth rejoicing in the Hollyoaks hoax.

Maureen Coleman was interviewing Gerard McCarthy, the cross-dressing star from Belfast. The special week of programmes followed a plot where Gerard, Kris in the show, and his brother Malachi return home to Belfast from Chester. However, the shows were filmed in England, with the set 'amended':

"Myself and Malachi arrive back in what is supposed to be the street we grew up in in Belfast. When we got there we noticed that the post boxes were all green and we asked them why this was. The set people said that all post boxes in Ireland were green, so they had gone out and bought paint to cover over the red ones. We explained that in Northern Ireland, post boxes were actually red, so we decided to have a bit of fun with them and wind them up a bit."

Looks like either the Hollyoaks crew don't realise Belfast is in Northern Ireland, or they've heard of the costly campaign of re-painting post boxes.

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