Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Blog Review

2008 has undoubtedly been a year of big changes for me, perhaps reflected in the fewest annual blog postings thus far. Maybe 2009 will be different!

January (24 posts) started with some golfing in Cultra, and a huge snowfall. The big thing in the month, though, was the Curacy news that I was packing my bags for Dundonald.

February (16) had a trip to Croke Park to watch Brazil play the Republic of Ireland, and a meeting with a 400 year-old nun at St Michan's.

March (14) was the month of my book launch, an early Easter and a visit to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

April (16) saw more Dublin football - when Linfield got the blues and we met the Garda Riot Squad up close. At the end of the month, to celebrate the end of college, we became vikings.

May (19) had a few endings, both my placement in Ballyward and Rathfriland, and then from college itself when the exams were completed.

June (17) was the month of ordinations in Dublin, Cork, Armagh, and my own in Dromore.

In July (9), I married my sweetheart, Dr Lynsey.

August (13) was the month when both Lynsey and myself started work, and I preached my first sermon as Curate of St Elizabeth's. Other than a few sermons and a few thoughts, there wasn't much else to link here!

September (13) saw the anti-abortion petition, and a trip to London. I also met up with Bernie and we saw some neon socks!

October (26), the biggest month of blogging thus far, was boosted by a mini-series called Theology at the Theatre, inspired by Les Miserables: 1, 2, 3. More gallavanting, this time to the Clergy Conference in Donegal and a trip to Slieve League, and I noticed an interesting use of sins in advertising. We also reached the 1000th posting on the blog.

November (29) topped October, and started with some interesting observations on Belfast's Tower Bridge, fighting monks, remembrance and armistice, and flag days. Along the way, we also talked about a new book and a new perspective on the Great Famine. However, the month ended with a terrible shock, the sudden death of Constable James Magee, an old friend, and a great policeman.

December (35) was the month when there were a few postings on TV programmes including Hollyoaks, I'm a Celebrity twice, X Factor, as well as a comment on a PSP advert. December was also the month of Advent expectation and Christmas.

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