Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crossword Ends in Violence (5)

Several summers ago when I was at one of the Proclamation Trust conferences in London, I met a guy called James Cary. As well as being a preacher, he's also a comedy writer. Among his credits are episodes of My Family and My Hero.

He's recently published his first novel, Crossword Ends in Violence (5) and the early chapters are available online to drum up some interest. You can begin reading part 1 now!

As the title suggests, the plot has a lot to do with crosswords - cryptic crosswords to be exact - and the chapter titles are all cryptic clues to be solved! To quote from the website: "It’s about a professional crossword setter who discovers some worrying things about his grandfather. It’s also about D-Day, security leaks, codewords, Bletchley Park and chess. Like Robert Harris. But with jokes. It is a quintessentially British comedy thriller."

In a nice twist, while there are 8 parts available online, to read past the first two, you have to solve the cryptic clues to read them!

Crossword Ends in Violence is available to buy from Lulu now.

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