Monday, November 10, 2008

A Famous Faith

We've been slowly working through Paul's letter to the Romans, and have moved past his introduction. As Paul gets into the body of the letter, he begins with some thanksgiving. The reason he gives thanks for all of his readers - the Roman Christians - is because 'your faith is proclaimed in all the world.'

These Christians were at the centre of the known world. The capital city of the Roman Empire. The seat of power in a society which said 'Caesar is Lord.' Yet despite this pressure, they maintain that 'Jesus is Lord' and trust in Jesus as their King.

Everywhere in the world, people were talking about the Christians in Rome and their faith. What an encouragement! Are there Christians who maintain faith in difficult circumstances today? Surely we should celebrate their faithfulness in the midst of pressure, and also talk about them - whether in government, or culture, or journalism.

Even now, give thanks to God for Christian politicians, leaders and workers, and pray that they will remain firm in the faith.

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