Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

The day has finally arrived. Election Day in the USA. After a mammoth campaign which has lasted almost two years, the American public get to decide (indirectly, thanks to their Electoral College presidential election system) who will be the next resident of the White House. Will it be Obama or McCain?

Watching the election coverage, and listening to the radio, it's as if Obama is being hailed as the Messiah that America needs. Last night on Evening Extra on Radio Ulster, there was an interview with a guy from Belfast who is over in America working for the Barak Obama campaign team. Words used included inspiring, the man for the job, the man to bring change...

The question is, will the people who have said they're voting Democrat for Obama actually follow through when they get to the polling booth? We've seen it in Northern Ireland elections, where people may say one thing to polling canvassers and quite another when they get into the polling booth with the voting paper in their hand.

We're in for an interesting couple of days as the results come through.

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